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The faculty officially announces that there will be no classes tomorrow and the following day, June 24-25 because of the seminar that will be held in the Training  Center. The teachers that came from different towns will stay in the classrooms assigned to them.

But it’s not a time to celebrate because the SGO announces yesterday that the Classroom and Club Officers shall do their Action Plan for the entire year, so they are required to come in school tomorrow.


The qualifying examination for aspiring member of  “The Nucleus” will be held tommorow (June 24) 9 AM until 5 PM. Do not forget to bring your pen and paper.

Anyone who want to be part of the “Problem Solving” an examination will be held this week, please sign your name to the secretary of Math Society. Only Four will be chosen.


Club Officers Election

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Last Tuesday (June 16) at exactly 1:20 in the afternoon, the election for club officers held in every room. The clubs are Positron, Math Society, ‘Sang Lahi, ASAG, Young Environmentalist, Performing Arts, and Smile Club.

On the following day, the election for English Club is done for the reason that Aurora will be the host in the Regional English Festival.

The winners were post in the SGO Bulletin board.

Despedida Party

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Last June 5, the Ansci family was surprised in the “despedida party” conducted by the SGO Officers and Faculty Staff. The whole students (270) gathered in the training center, gave their best presentation. Faculty gave their farewell message to Ma’am Hulipas.

1_670595153lThird year student, Athena gave her farewell message to Ma’am Hulipas

1_700705286lSecond year students singing their own version of “Hawak Kamay”

Brigada Eskwela 2009

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Everyone especially the upcoming freshmen of ANSHS participated in the 2009 Brigada Eskewela. The Brigada Eskwela is a program of the DepEd encouraging parents and the community to help in preparing the classrooms for the opening of classes in June.

Some of the activities are repainting and rehabilitation of chairs, desks and tables, and overall cleaning of classrooms and the school premises.

Some parents enroll their children in school in line with the campaign for students to be in school and not roaming around.

Picture 033

These are the parents cutting the weeds at the back of the stage.

Picture 072

Third year students sweeping the papers and dust scattered in the floor.

Picture 091

Seniors cleaning the THE Room.

Picture 126

The result of their hardworking. A cleaned and polished room.

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School Principal
Contact No. : 0918-575-6332
E-Mail :
Guillermo Picart
Teacher III
Mathematics Teacher
E-Mail :
Teacher I
Science Teacher
E-Mail :
De MEsa De Guzman
Teacher I
English Teacher
E-Mail :
Teacher I
Mathematics Teacher
E-Mail :
Virrey Domingo
Teacher I
Mathematics Teacher
E-Mail :
Teacher I
Filipino Teacher
E-Mail :
Bitong Resueño
Teacher I
English Teacher
E-Mail :
Teacher I
Social Studies Teacher
E-Mail : resueñ
Balbuena Nabutel

Teacher I
Science Teacher
E-Mail :

Teacher I
Science Teacher
E-Mail :
Montes Cabanayan
Teacher I
TLE Teacher
E-Mail :
Teacher I
MAPEH Teacher
E-Mail :
Moreno Caraig
School Nurse
School Guard

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No. of School




June 15 2-6 Enrollment Period
9 Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
10 Beginning of Classes for SY 2008-2009
July 23 11 First Unit Test
August 11 14-15 1st QUARTER EXAMINATION
9 18 Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Holiday)
23 Parent-Teacher Conference
25 National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
27 National Career Assessment Day
September 21 30 Eid’ Fitr (Legal Holiday)
19 Second Unit Test
October 18 23-24 2nd QUARTER EXAMINATION
5 27-31 Mid-Year Assessment Test
November 20 1 All Saints’ Day
3 Resumption of Classes
8 Parent-Teacher Conference
16-30 Philippine Education Placement Test
December 14 1 Bonifacio Day (Legal Holiday)
20 Start of Christmas Break
January 21 5 Resumption of Classes
24 Parent-Teacher Conference
February 19 25 EDSA 1 People Power Anniversary (Legal Holiday)
March 22 11 National Achievement Test
April 3 3-4 Final Exam – 1st to3rd year
7 Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)
9 Maundy Thursday (Regular Holiday)
10 Good Friday (Regular Holiday)
13 Start of Summer Classes
May 1 Labor Day
22-28 National Schools Maintenance Week
23 End of Summer Classes
25 Final Examination (Summer)


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The establishment of the Aurora National Science High School was prompted by a need to offer a curriculum that suits the bright/fast learners who belong to the Special Education (mentally gifted) classes at the Baler Central School which was organized during the incumbency of Mr. Domingo F. Hulipas as the principal of the school. Class 1983 was the first graduate of the special education in Baler,

June to August, 1982 – Preparation of the feasibility study for the establishment of a science – technology oriented secondary school to be funded by the Provincial Government by the Division Planning Unit headed by Asst. Supt. Hulipas with Miss Virginia G. Guerrero (Science Supervisor), Mrs. Raymunda B. Sindac (English Supervisor), Mr. Andres O. Tomas, ESHT, Mrs. Erlinda A. Esteban (SPED Teacher), Miss Teodora G. Zubia (Statistical Aide), Mrs. Virginia R. Castillo (Clerk II) and Miss Emilia M. Sison (Fiscal Clerk).

September 2, 1982 – Mr. Gervacio N. Sales, Schools Superintendent for Aurora, transmitted the feasibility study to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Mr. Sales gave the go- signal for Mr. Hulipas and Miss Guerrero to prepare the opening of the Aurora Science High School.

February 7, 1983, in the presence of Asst. Supt. Hulipas, Science Supervisor Virginia G. Guerrero, English Supervisor Raymunda B. Sindac, and other staff members of the Division Office the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aurora passed Resolution no. 08, s. 1983 favorably indorsing the creation of Aurora Science High School to the Director, DECS Region IV, Quezon City and appropriating funds for its initial operation for calendar year 1983. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan was composed of Atty. Luis S. Etcubañez, Provincial Governor; Atty. Isaias M. Noveras, Vice Provincial Governor; Dr. Agapito T. Samano, Dr. Gervacio F. Farin, Jr., Mr. Simplicio Soriano, Mr. Ananias S. Suaverdez, Mr. Arnulfo Querijero, SK Chairman and Mr. Victor Bitong, ABC Pesident.

April 20, 1983, Dr. Saturnino R. Magturo, Director, DECS Region IV, Quezon City approved opening the Aurora Science High School under Temporary Permit No. 051, s. 1983 for the first year using the modified Science Curriculum of DECS Region IV and include certain features of the curriculum of the Quezon City High School.

June 1, 1983, opening of the Aurora Science High School with 40 first year students and Miss Leonila A. Lorente and Mrs, Elsa A. Oliva as the first teachers. The school was managed by Asst. Supt. Hulipas and later during School Year 1986-87 a Teacher in Charge, Miss Priscilla Dionisio, was designated as Teacher in Charge to assist Asst. Superintendent.

January 1, 1984 – The first annual budget of the Aurora Science High School was separated from the budget of the Aurora Provincial High School and operated under its own budget until its nationalization in 1989.

There has been several efforts to nationalize the Aurora Science High School, namely,

  1. Parliamentary Bill 2934, during the First Regular Session of the Batasang Pambansa, filled by Assemblyman Luis S. Etcubañez
  2. House Bill No. 72, First Congress, filled by Congressman Benedicto G. Miran of the Lone District of Aurora in the House and sponsored by Senator Edgardo J. Angara in the senate.

From this House Bill came Republic Act No. 6729, An Act establishing Aurora Science High School as  the Aurora National Science High School, Baler, approved on June 14, 1989.

The school was housed originally at the Baler Central School compound with its own eight-(8) room academic building. It transferred to its new site during the school year 1992-93, with 4-classrooms.

The two-hectare site was acquired through purchase, from the Carrasco-Gonzales and Silvestre Sindac families at one-hectare each., with a P100,000.00 donation of the Verdant-Agro Forest Development Corporation donated to the school through Mr. Dominador Mandapat, as a priority project of the late Governor Eunice Guerrero-Cucueco. The P100,000.00 was coursed through her. Mr. Agustin Miemban negotiated the purchase on the one-hectare lot from the Carrasco-Gonzales family, Mr. Domingo F. Hulipas from the Silvestre Family.

Donors of the Aurora National Science High School Road from national road in front of Capitol to the West Gate were Mr. & Mrs. Tito Magcalas; from the National Road in front of AMCO to East Gate were Senator & Mrs. Edgardo J. Angara through Mayor Arthur J. Angara; Venacio C. Angara Family through Mrs. Cynthia A. Amat; Mr. & Mrs. Filomeno F. Bitong and Brgy, Capt. Isidro Turgo. These donations were negotiated by Mr. Miemban and Mr. Hulipas.

During the Calendar Years 1993 and 1994 the Aurora National Science High School was a recipient of three (3) packaged projects:

A P3.4M for three (3) SEDP Building consisting of a 6-room 2-storey building; a Learning Resource Center (LRC) funded by EDPITAF-DECS. These buildings are provided with complete facilities and equipments for Science, Technology, etc.

A P5M allotted by Senate Pres. Edgardo J. Angara which was programmed to construct the perimeter fence, the training center and the student’s dormitory. These projects remain incomplete.

A P1M allotted by the Hon. Benedicto G. Miran, Congressman for the Lone District of Aurora for the construction of a Library-Museum. This project  remain incomplete.

These buildings were blessed and turned-over to the School by Dr. Achilles B. Del Callar, Director, EDPITAF-DECS; Senate Pres. Edgardo J. Angara, and Cong. Benedicto G. Miran to the school on November 27, 1994.

The Aurora National Science High School had its first graduates in 1983 with 100% passing and with highest NCEE 99+% out of the 7000+ to the upper 250 leading schools in the Philippines. It has consistently obtained a Mean of 93+%.

Today, the school has a head teacher, 13 teachers and 282 students from first year to fourth year. It is also the DECS-designated Divisional Leader School for Aurora and takes care of the training and retaining of teachers for elementary a secondary level. It lacks library books and other references.